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 make a mini game

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PostSubject: make a mini game   make a mini game I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 22, 2012 2:16 pm

well first i am not petaa anymore in the game i am ipkmodsi, well anyways i have a good idea for a mini game. it should start out as you first pick what amour and weapons u want. then there should be 2 portals one u can eat and one u can not and u dont loose anything! so well anyway u enter a portal it will bring u to a place like were the bosses are and it should start out as. a lvl 1 will come attack you and it will keep getting higher and high than like the godwars bosses will come out and than corp will come out and nex. i think it should be a good idea become on some other severs people are making mini games like this and i have noticed it has attracted a lot of people to the server so i am thinking if we do this we might be able to get more people to play the sever! and that would be awesome.well that is my idea for the sever i will be thinking of more for the server so we can become bigger!. if you have any idea to add this please leave it in a comment blow.
thank you for reading this,
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make a mini game
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