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 Rage- Mod App.

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PostSubject: Rage- Mod App.   Rage- Mod App. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 1:21 pm

User Name(InGame): Rage
How long have you played SuomiScaper? - I made this acc, half year ago.
What type of player(Skiller/PKer/PVM)?: PVM
Have you got Experience being as Moderator?: Yes
What makes you good Moderator?: that im playing real rs more then six years, and im playing on this server more then half year, and ofc that im friendly buddy <3
Are you active, How many hours do you play per day? - im active, i think more then 4hrs,100%
How would you rate your English skills? (1-10): i was during the exam on school and i got 9 =P , for it..
What languages can you speak besides English? (It's OK if you speak only English): i know, eng, latvian, russian.

Choose Answer on these questions: (a)
1: What would you do, if you find out a bug?
a) Report on forums or admin InGame
b) Tell everyone and laugh when people are doing it
c) Keeping it as secret and doing alone

2. What would you do if someone advertises other server? (b)
a) Being helpful moderator and help him to advertise in ::Yell
b) Giving warning and if continues then ::mute
c) Adding him to Ignore list and being proud that you solved problem

3. What would you do if someone insults staff for no reason? (c)
a) Mute him and insult back
b) Banning him and laughing
c) Giving him a warn to stop, if continues then maybe mute.

4. How would you react if someone asks help but not so great at speaking english? (b), i dont know who will laught, all have problems with something..
a) Laughing hard on hes English skills
b) Trying to help him no matter what
c) Saying "L2 speak english" and ignoring

5. What would you do if someone's using glitch? (a)
a) Giving him warn
b) Jailing fast, so he can't do it
c) Banning him fast as possible

6. What would you do if someone's says you suck (b) , and get fun with this dude =P
b) Being cool and just saying "Ok."
c) Giving him a warn

7. What would you do if Mod teles you to wild and kills you? (c), i think here no mods, who will do that!
a) Ban him fast as possible
b) Teleing back to him and loot your stuff and kill him
c) Teleing there and asking "Why did you do this" while looting own stuff back.

Answer only YES or NO on these questions:
- Are you allowed to tele people for no reason? No!
- Can you jail people for fun? No!
- Can you spam on Yell chat? No!
- Can you insult people cuz ur bored? No!
- Can you kick people? No!

Tell us what player have to do to get punishments from you?
What will player have to do, so you would kick him? if he asks me to kick him, cuz he stuck or something.
What will player have to do, so you would jail him? if he found bug , and using it, i will warn,then if he don't stop i will jail, for not long time.
What will player have to do, so you would mute him? if he swearing or spamming to much!
What will player have to do, so you would ban him? if he use not legit programs, or dupe!

Why would you want to be a Moderator? (Minimum words: 50): okey, i can tell why i want to became moderator, i wanted became moderator , because when i just started playing (half year ago) , there was not to much moderators online everytime, so i wanted to be mod, because im allways online, and ppl allways ask me questions and other stuff, im helping everyone (when i wasnt mod) and im helping atm too, sad that not to much ppl playing nowdays like half year ago, but i think if i will be moderator that will good,because im really good person real life, and im not doing dumb moves, like trolling ppl, or swearing on them, i will allways open for all, and u can ask me if u need help!, i will be active and helpful, if i get moderator i wont do some dumb moves, that not my style, my style is to help all and get truth! oh, i forgot to tell that im very friendly and ppl can trust me, and ask all questions that they need!
Why would we choose you instead of others? (Minimum words: 50): i think i can say that u can take me because, i have more experience i think, i was playing more then six years at real rs, you will say that , why u talking about runescape, that is rsps, but i will answer because i have experince i know almost all about rs, so i know were are cool monster to train, what item have better bonuses, all that u need to know i can answer. and i except rs, because i was playing here like half year, i know almost all ppl of old staff, i dont think there are ppl who playing more then me , except mods who have stayed, but some mods gone too, i saw only (george,jasmin) of old mods, and i think this mods who play now, will be not against that i could be mod, i think they will give me +. that all what i wanted to say, i hope u will like me, that my 2nd try on getting mod, i hope that will be lucky one.

Thanks all for reading this!

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Rage- Mod App.
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